Giò Marconi

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Via Alessandro Tadino 15, 20124 Milan

TUE-SAT 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

John Bock
Piero Manzoni (Collezione Ramo)

John Bock answers questions from
Irina Zucca Alessandrelli, curator of Collezione Ramo

Give a definition of what drawing is for you.

The pencil runs lightly between the fingers, the beginning is the end and after that is the beginning. Scribbles flow on the white space. The milk of my mind spills over the white. The curled line accompanies the dotted line. Small hooks appear on it. One rewrites and contradicts the line. A chaos of curves expands throughout the space.

A gesture - temporary and then erased. Dots, kernelless, hard as flakes, blurred, flickering, sticky, the ticking of time flowing inexorably in a black hole.

What is your relationship with drawing? 

Drawing as a result of intuition is the most direct way to connect the mind to the surroundings. One can proceed without fear. There is a place where the beginning and end of hatching merge into softness. No planning, no organization, no time chasm. One small step toward the light.

What about with the history of Italian art in the last century?

I watch with pleasant curiosity the Arte Povera artists. A stump of lettuce ages and slips out of its stone grip. In my darkened pupil there is suddenly a glow, a reflection.

Why did you choose this work from Collezione Ramo?

Manzoni's smile shines like a dirty light bulb in the basement. Manzoni is immortal.