19 - 27
2nd edition


Citywide exhibition of modern and contemporary drawing

Castello Sforzesco / Castiglioni / Ciaccia Levi / Clima Gallery / Galleria ZERO... / Gió Marconi / Gregor Staiger / kaufmann repetto / Loom Gallery / Martina Simeti / OPR Gallery / Renata Fabbri

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The Ramo Collection presents, from November 19 to 27, 2022, the second edition of Milano Drawing Week, an annual event under the patronage of the Milan City Council's Department of Culture, which involves the entire city in a focused lunge on drawing and takes shape in a constellation of exhibitions spread throughout the Milanese territory: a twelve-stage journey through the city, among contemporary artists and masters of the 20th century.

For the occasion, the Ramo Collection is making available to a circuit of Milanese galleries and institutions a selection of works on paper by 20th-century Italian artists. The invitation, addressed to one artist per space, is to identify a work from the collection and place it in dialogue with their own research.

With the second edition of Milan Drawing Week Collezione Ramo reconfirms its connection with the city, which becomes fertile ground for new reflections related to the artistic practice of drawing and becomes a crossroads of different exhibition programs and institutions.

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La terza edizione della Milan Drawing Week si terrà da sabato 25 novembre a domenica 3 dicembre

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