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Brandi Twilley
Mirella Bentivoglio (Collezione Ramo)

Brandi Twilley answers questions from
Irina Zucca Alessandrelli, curator of the Ramo Collection

Give a definition of what drawing is for you.

Drawing for me is a way to explore. When I am drawing, I feel casual and I feel like I am creating exclusively for myself. I don't have to worry about the cost of materials like I do with painting. I can take 30 seconds or several months for a drawing and both ways of working are equally important to me.

What is your relationship with drawing?

I love to draw. There have been long periods when I have only done drawings. It is for me a more direct way to create. I can work intuitively and follow any path or none to push myself through uncharted territories.

What about with the history of Italian art in the last century?

I am a fan of the metaphysical art of De Chirico and the visual poetry of Mirella Bentivoglio. I have always been attracted to Italian surrealism and the exploration of the unconscious as a source of images.

Why did you choose this work from Collezione Ramo?

I was intrigued by the poetic simplicity of Mirella's collage. The symmetry of the white objects placed in contrast to the black background is enchanting. Her work explores personal and universal symbols in a lyrical and sometimes playful way. I like the way she synthesizes images into essential forms and elements.