Guida all’Orchestra

conceived and directed by Fabio Cherstich, live drawing by Ettore Tripodi and with Milan Symphony Orchestra

Saturday, November 25, 2023, 4:00 p.m.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 10:30 a.m.
Entrance reserved for schools - Book here

Auditorium Fondazione Cariplo, largo Gustav Mahler, Milan

Jazz Ensamble: students of Civici Corsi di Jazz
Orchestra: Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano
Conductor: Giovanni Conti
Concept and direction: Fabio Cherstich
Artist: Ettore Tripodi
Actors: Chiara Coppola, Loris Fabiani, Carola Gay
Acrobat: Julien Lambert

Director and set designer Fabio Cherstich's first collaboration with the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano was born out of a desire to share with young viewers of the "Crescendo in Musica" season two beloved symphonic compositions for reciting voice: Benjamin Britten's "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" and Gunther Schuller's "Journey into Jazz."
These two masterpieces, presented together for the first time and conducted by young conductor Giovanni Conti, take the audience on a journey through three centuries of music in an hour-long performance.
In addition to the actors and orchestra, the stage will also feature artist Ettore Tripodi, who will bring real-time drawings to life. These images will materialize on a large screen positioned above the orchestra, a blank sheet of paper to be filled with shapes and colors synchronized with the music, creating an unexpected visual experience.

Benjamin Britten's "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra," originally composed in 1945 as a soundtrack for an educational documentary, is a wonderful exploration of the world of orchestral instruments. The piece, based on a 17th-century motif by Henry Purcell, introduces the audience to a series of 13 variations, each dedicated to an instrument or section of the orchestra. The narrator will accompany the audience on this journey, revealing the language of classical music in a simple and engaging way.

"Journey into Jazz" by Gunther Schuller, composed in 1962, will plunge us into the heart of the jazz world, telling the story of a young boy's journey to discover its notes. While the orchestra sets the mood, a jazz ensemble, composed of students from the Civic Jazz Courses, will bring the characters and emotions of the story to life. A trumpet soloist will embody the voice of the protagonist, adding a unique emotional depth to the narrative.

In addition to the musical component, the theatrical aspect will be central. A trio of storytellers will tread the stage: actor Loris Fabiani, French mime-acrobat Julien Lambert and jazz singer Carola Gay. 

This performance is a musical journey of words and poetic images intertwined with notes, transporting the audience to a world where music becomes stage magic.

"Guida all’orchestra" is one of the side events of Milan Drawing Week, a widespread exhibition of modern and contemporary drawing curated by Collezione Ramo, held in collaboration with and under the patronage of the City of Milan - Department of Culture, which takes place in Milan from November 25 to December 3, 2023.