Via Giuseppe Luosi, 30, 20131 Milan

Marco Pio Mucci
Filippo de Pisis (Collezione Ramo)

Marco Pio Mucci answers questions from
Irina Zucca Alessandrelli, curator of the Collezione Ramo

What is your relationship with drawing and Italian art history of the last century?

My relationship with drawing is visceral. Drawing is the medium that characterizes my artistic practice. I am a draughtsman who brings the graphic sign to identify itself in a real work, bringing the image to be looked at in its finest detail that coexists with the idea of the unfinished and incomplete. My works are made with ballpoint pens that release an amount of ink in relation to the pressure exerted on the paper. Images from the craftsmanship of the luxury world as an icon of materialistic desire become a pretext for idealizing the forms the drawings take.

Drawing daily is a spiritual attitude toward existence, I constantly think of Morandi's still lifes.
I have explored the world of drawing a lot in recent years, such as the graphic novel through the Sgomento publishing project. Lately I am also focused on stylistic research in tattooing.

My relationship with the masters of the last century is romantic. I love to study art history, I love in a schizophrenic way all artists. In the morning I have a routine of accompanying a good coffee with a catalog I have in my collection.

Why did you choose this work by De Pisis?

The choice is motivated by the urgency that my production requires at this time. I am giving some attention to the images that are generated through little information, I believe that the incompleteness of the paintings of the chosen artist indulges the will in my work. The chosen work allows me to have some formal comparison, especially on how to construct the composition of individual works. The exhibition display takes into account an enormous respect and thanks to De Pisis.