Schiavo Zoppelli

Via Martiri Oscuri, 22, 20125 Milan, Italy

Andrea Sala
Ugo La Pietra (Ramo Collection)

Andrea Sala answers questions from
Irina Zucca Alessandrelli, curator of the Ramo Collection

What is your relationship with drawing and Italian art history of the last century?

By treating color as a "volume" capable of returning precise tactile and visual qualities, drawing gives me the opportunity to explore the idea of mass and gravity but also to provide a space for the viewer in an attempt to reveal the complexity of experience.
Each drawing tool I choose has its own different nature and it is important for me to let it reveal itself to me...I often seek out and find that same textural quality in the sculptures I make. When I draw, the affinity between me, the medium and the quality of the surface is fundamental: a line for me is never a single line, but reaches its own completeness the moment it interacts and merges with the others, until it becomes a surface and, therefore, a form.

Why did you choose this work by Domenico Gnoli?

Two traffic lights hanging in a domestic interior?! The choice was inevitable, intrigued by the possibility of creating a relationship with this work. An immediate image of inside and outside, a specific point of view on the shifting of forms.